Carl-Einar Häckner is born on 8 October in Nol-Alafors outside Gothenburg.

He grows up in Gårdsten.



Granny makes a bottle-cap disappear. Makes it reappear from behind her ear.

Carl-Einar gets a present, a magic set from his mum.


Starts performing as a conjuror. Reaches the final in a magic school at Liseberg.



Is the youngest member of Gothenburg Magic Club. Makes friends with Max Milton.



Magics himself to a place in the Okändas Revy (‘Revue of Unknowns’) arranged by Göteborg-Posten and Liseberg. Wins the Nordic championship in table magic in 1983 when he does the cup game with transparent cups whilst blindfolded. Wins again in 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987 and 1988. Also wins the Nordic championship in card magic in 1984 and 1987, first prize in stage magic in 1986 and 1987. (In 1986 the card and micro categories are merged into one.)



Following a recommendation from François Bronett, Carl-Einar competes in the Grand Prix Magiques de Monte Carlo at Theatre Princess Grace and performs on Swedish and East German TV. Performs ‘Lucille’ at Angered upper secondary school, where he meets Mats Berglund who directs the play. The world of theatre opens up.



Wins the variety category in the Nya Ansikten (New Faces) competition.



Stand-up debut at Valand. Also performs at Westermans hörna in Stockholm. Is part of the SUCK constellation. Works as a conjurer under the stage name Wic Mack. The show ‘Wic Mack – about Chico, Sanches, Fernandez and why mum and dad got divorced’ combines magic and stand-up.

This is Carl-Einar’s first proper advertised solo performance. He writes and stages the production with Mats Berglund who is a sounding-board and co-writer.



Stages ‘Wic Mack – A thank you and farewell performance’ which is also performed the following year.

In the mean time he continues to perform at the Norra Brunn and Patricia comedy clubs. Stuffs a condom up his nose on TV in Carin Hjulström’s ‘Fredagsexter’ (Friday fun) and pulls it out through his mouth – a trick he is then associated with for many years to come.

Kanske var det 1987 eller 1988 ...


Performs ‘Janssons frestelser’ (Jansson’s temptations) at Älvsborg theatre in Borås. Carl-Einar becomes famous across Sweden when he is a frequent guest on the TV chat show Dabrowski. Wins newspaper Expressen’s ‘TV comet 1991’ prize, awarded to the best TV newcomer. Performs in the play ‘Handbok för Handlösa’ (Handbook for the Handless) at Backa theatre in Gothenburg. Wins newspaper Aftonbladet’s competition for Sweden’s sexiest man. Performs magic at the Frölunda Kulturhus international variety show and tours with one-man shows. In ‘Släng dig i brunnen’ (In the well with you!) on Swedish TV, he conjures with king pythons.



World premier for the show ‘Samtal med Häckner’ (In conversation with Häckner). Stand-up, magic and fire-eating are some of the ingredients that make it a roaring success across Sweden. In ‘House of Angels’ he plays one of the party guests. The film is screened in the US, Canada and other countries. Carl-Einar becomes a columnist for Metallarbetaren union magazine (later Dagens Arbete) which he still writes for today.



‘Carl-Einar and his 13 assistants’ premieres at Gothenburg City Theatre, and 68 sold-out theatres across Sweden. Ten appearances on the main stage. Takes part in the TV series ‘Polisen och domarmordet’ (The police and the judge murder) with Per Oscarsson, among others. The show ‘Räddafritidsgårdarnaturné93’ (Savetheyouthcentrestour93) is shown at over 56 youth centres across Sweden.



Awarded the Swedish Comedy Association’s ‘Funniest Swede of the Year’ with the motivation: “For youthful, fierce artistry, where explosive humour mixes with cheeky joy and a feeling of social responsibility.” The performance ‘Träd ska inte växa för högt i Sverige – och det tycker vi är bra’ (Trees shouldn’t grow too high in Sweden – and we think that’s good’) mixes songs and stand-up. Tours with an international magic show in northern Sweden, recorded for Swedish TV. Carl-Einar’s collection of poems ‘Gloria’ is published. In autumn the TV series ‘Handbok för handlösa’ (Handbook for the Handless) is shown on Swedish TV channel SVT 2. Carl-Einar plays the role of Hampus.



Debut album ‘Visor i tiden’ (Songs in time) with the band Giant Law released. The CD includes such tracks as ‘Statsministern är död’ (The prime minister is dead) and ‘Jag vill’ (I want). World premier for Carl-Einar Häckner’s/Wic Mack’s show ‘Trollkarlens afton’ (A night with the sorcerer) at Stora Teatern theatre, Gothenburg. The show ‘Samtal med Häckner’ (In conversation with Häckner) is broadcast on TV. Plays Robert in the TV series ‘Herbert & Robert’ which is a follow-up to ‘Albert & Herbert’. Plays the role of Mark with Izabella Scorupco in the feature film ‘The Tears of Saint Peter’.



Tours with ‘Trollkarlens afton’ (A night with the sorcerer), rounding off with various performances in Gothenburg with Giant Law. Takes part in Peter Wahlbeck’s advent calendar ‘Kalender für alle’ (Calendar for all) on Swedish TV channel ZTV. Publishes his ‘Tivoli’ collection of poems.



World premier at Nya Angeredsteatern theatre of the show ‘Livet i Förorten’ (Life in the suburbs) which then tours and is also performed 13 times at the Royal Dramatic Theatre in Stockholm. Performs in Internationell Varieté/International Variety Show at Liseberg in Gothenburg in the summer. The show is a roaring success and heralds the beginning of an annual tradition.



‘Monolog om kärlek’ (Monologue on love) has its world premier at Nya Angeredsteatern theatre. Performs the variety show ‘Mr Fiasconi möter tiden’ (Mr Fiasconi meets the times) at Liseberg. ‘Monolog om kärlek’ (Monologue on love) performed at the Södra Theatre in Stockholm. It becomes a success.



Participates in the CD ‘En salig samling’ (A blessed collection) with interpretations of the Salvation Army’s best-loved songs, and the short film ‘Min Gud varför har du övergivit mig’ (My God why have you forsaken me?). ‘El Hasso’s variety show’ performed at Liseberg/Gröna Lund.



‘I en trappa till himlen’ (On a stairway to heaven) performed at Liseberg/Gröna Lund, after which the variety show continues on to Berlin. Premier of ‘Alice der Koffer und die Liebe’ (Alice, the suitcase and the love) at Chamäleon Variety in Berlin. One of the guest artists in Galenskaparna & After Shaves’ revue ‘Jul Jul Jul’ (Christmas Christmas Christmas) at Lorensberg theatre in Gothenburg. Participates in ‘Allsång på Skansen’ (the Skansen sing-along show).



World premier for ‘An evening with Carl-Einar’ at Lorensberg Theatre, which also tours. Performs the variety show ‘Trollkarlens Hatt’ (The magician’s hat) at Liseberg and Gröna Lund. Performs ‘Jul Jul Jul’ (Christmas Christmas Christmas) at China Theatre in Stockholm. The variety show ‘Mr Fiasconi möter tiden’ (Mr Fiasconi meets the times) is shown on Swedish TV.



Carl-Einar’s second album is released. Entitled ‘Hugo Von Glesens Varieté’ (Hugo Von Glesen’s variety show), it is based on his ‘Gloria’ poetry collection. The collection ‘Krönikor ur Metallarbetaren, Göteborgs-Posten och Dagens Arbete’ (Articles from Metallarbetaren, Göteborgs-Posten and Dagens Arbete’ is published. Premier and performances of the variety show ‘Vanliga gatan’ (Normal street) at Liseberg and Gröna Lund.



Plays the role of Max in the short film ‘Flamingo’. World premier in Berlin for ‘In a Broken World’ at Chamäleon. Jubilee variety show at Liseberg, which is also performed at Gröna Lund in Stockholm. ‘El Hasso’s variety show’ broadcast on Swedish TV.



DVD Carl-Einar Häckner’s ‘Varieté gånger tre’ (Variety times three) is released. He is on a CD of 24 classic children’s songs. Plays the lead role at the Edinburgh Festival and it becomes a surprise hit. Variety show ‘Första gången’ (The first time) is performed at Liseberg.



Guest artist to packed houses at Soho Theatre in London’s West End. Variety show ‘Livets spel’ (Game of life) is a success at Liseberg.



Carl-Einar and the Varietéorkestern orchestra release the album ‘Sånger ur livets varieté’ (Songs from the variety of life). TV 4 broadcasts ‘Första gången’ (The first time). In the autumn ‘Pusseldrömmar’ (Puzzle dreams) world premieres at Theatre Aftonstjärnan in Gothenburg and is performed to packed houses. The run is extended and filmed by Swedish TV channel SVT. Carl-Einar Häckner’s variety show celebrates 10 years at Liseberg, the 2006 production is called ‘Tårtan’ (The cake). It’s a party. The title is a nod to the cult TV series of the same name.

‘Pusseldrömmar’ (Puzzle dreams) has its world premier at Theatre Aftonstjärnan. It is an immediate audience success and is performed 57 times to packed houses.



Stages ‘Uppdrag Varieté’ (Mission variety) at Liseberg and Gröna Lund. The book ‘Trollkarlens ord’ (The sorcerer’s word) of collected articles is published. The Carl-Einar Häckner Show is recorded for Sat1 comedy in Germany. Tours Germany, Austria and Switzerland with his solo show and at the Etcetera Theatre in London. Glowing reviews follow. In late autumn, ‘Pusseldrömmar’ (Puzzle dreams) is performed at Orionteatern theatre for two months in Stockholm, in a fond return to the capital. The public flock to the 36 performances.

Recorded for Swedish broadcaster SVT.



Riksteatern tour of ‘Pusseldrömmar’ (Puzzle dreams) in January. The premiere is in Tumba. The tour is Carl-Einar’s biggest for many years. Demand from Sweden’s national theatre associations is so high that the tour, which was planned for the spring, is extended to autumn with Riksteatern. Variety show ‘Skruva ner’ (Turn it down) is performed at Liseberg.

Recorded for TV. Broadcast on SVT in January.



Carl-Einar is part of the successful LA Clique production at the Sydney Arts Festival. Carl-Einar Häckner receives tremendous reviews. He makes the Elvis costume his signature. The critics are reminded of ABBA’s Agnetha Fältskog. Carl-Einar himself says the costume is a tribute to comedian Steve Martin, Elvis and John Travolta. He has always liked wearing a jumpsuit. In March La Clique is performed at the Hippodrome in London. The production continues. A contract is signed for autumn. Two months in a new version of La Clique at The Roundhouse in London. It’s time for some variety! In the summer the variety show at Liseberg is a massive skyscraper with tenants. The show is called ‘Dom små grejorna’ (Those little things). Performed at Liseberg in July according to tradition. A guest performance in Stockholm with his variety show at Orionteatern theatre. Stockholmers love the shows and the five sell out. The Roundhouse performances with La Clique begin in November and Carl-Einar becomes a hit. He enjoys a great reception and acclaim in a strong ensemble including Ursula Martinez and The English Gentlemen, Skating Willers, Mario Queen of the Cirkus. The variety show ‘Dom små grejorna’ (Those little things) is shown on Swedish TV channel SVT in January. It’s a tradition.

Carl-Einar translates ‘Pusseldrömmar’ (Puzzle dreams) into German and it has a world premiere at Volkstheater in Munich. The show is then performed in September in Berlin at the fine old cabaret bar, Bar Jeder Vernunft.



La Clique travels to Adelaide in Australia with Carl-Einar in the ensemble. ‘Big in Sweden’, a solo performance, has its premiere at the Adelaide Festival. It gets four and a half stars in The Adelaide Advertiser and The Age. It then plays for the entire Melbourne International Comedy Festival at The Swizz Club. It’s a success. Carl-Einar is invited to return the following year. ‘Big in Sweden’ is also performed at the Sydney Comedy Festival. 36 performances in all. Variety show ‘En bättre värld’ (A better world) is performed at Liseberg. It is recorded for SVT Turné (SVT Tour) with La Clique in Sweden, Hungary and Denmark. The performances at Tyrol meet with a tremendous response. Guest performance with the variety show from Liseberg at Orionteatern theatre. The five performances are complete sell-outs. The reception is warm.



Variety show ‘En bättre värld’ (A better world) is shown on Swedish TV channel SVT ‘Swedish Meatballs’ has its world premiere at The Roundhouse. The follow-up to Swedish Meatballs. The performance is a great success at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Carl-Einar takes part in the Melbourne International Comedy Festival TV gala, and makes a big breakthrough with his performance of the classic number with the banana. Returns to the Sydney Comedy Festival. Tours with the Melbourne International Comedy Festival around Australia. Variety show ‘Trollkarlens återkomst’ (The sorcerer’s return) is performed at Liseberg. Silea, who took part in ‘Trollkarlens hatt’ (The magician’s hat) in 2001, takes part in the show. ‘The sorcerer’s return’ is a paraphrase of the 2001 variety show. The tale contains the song ‘Trollkarlen’ (The Sorcerer) by Mikael Wiehe. The show is absolutely amazing. Recorded for Swedish broadcaster SVT. World premiere of ‘SWEDISH MEATBALLS with lingonberries’ in Gothenburg at Aftonstjärnan. It is a newly written show that keeps the English title but with a Swedish addition (lingonberries are very Swedish). The first solo performance by Carl-Einar since ‘Pusseldrömmar’ (Puzzle dreams). It runs for the entire autumn and is extended right up until March. 57 performances in all.

In autumn Carl-Einar fits in a guest performance at Soho Theatre in London with the English version of Meatballs. In Germany, ‘Püsselträume’ (Puzzle dreams) is performed at Friedrichstadtpalatz at Quatch Comedy Club.



‘Hand Luggage’ is performed at The Roundhouse. This is the third English solo show in as many years for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. The show is performed during March-April. Carl-Einar is invited to the Edinburgh Festival in August.

The variety show ‘Kom Hem’ (Come home) is performed at Liseberg in July and recorded for Swedish broadcaster SVT.

‘Swedish Meatballs with lingonberries’ tours Sweden with Riksteatern. 44 performances. After that it’s Stockholm’s Södra Theatre’s turn to welcome ‘Swedish Meatballs with lingonberries’. A total of 26 performances over six weeks. It’s great to be back at the Södra Theatre.



‘Swedish Meatballs with lingonberries’ runs at Södra until 9 February. SVT broadcasts the performance on 1 May.